Kollel and Bet Din Representation


For the past number of years The Bet Dov & Refael Kollel for Dayanim, located in Ramat Beit Shemesh, has trained talented avreichim in monetary law from Shulchan Aruch Choshen Mishpat and marriage, ketuba and divorce law from Even Ha'ezer.

The Kollel is headed by Rav Chanoch Sanhedrai, who also serves as a Dayan on the Chok U'Mishpat Bet Din and as a lecturer in the YNR course for Dayanim.

The purpose of the Kollel is to prepare avreichim to serve as Dayanim and Rabbanim and to spread Halachik expertise and Torah values to wider communities for many years to come.


Sha'arei HaMishpat Institute was established in order to give Halachik consultation, mediation, and Bet Din representation in any matters pertaining to monetary law (damages, contracts, partnerships, property disputes, wills and inheritances, acquisitions and more), and to assist clients to successfully claim what is rightfully theirs according to Torah Law.


Advantages of Sha'arei Mishpat Institute

  • By advising clients on the merits of their case, we save the expense and aggravation of unnecessary litigation.

  • By providing experts in their respective fields, we tailor our service to the client's needs.

  • When circumstances require it, we are able to call on our panel of experienced and well-regarded lawyers to ensure that clients receive what is rightfully theirs according to Torah Law (for example where the other side is not complying with his bet Din obligations).

Halachik Consultations, Representation in Rabbinic Courts, Rabinnic Court Advocates, Mediation, Property Disputes, Damages, Articles on Monetary Halacha, Division of Inheritance according to Halacha, Halachik Employment Contracts, Laws of Compensation, Loans and Guarantees, Dispute Resolution, Halachikaly valid Acquisitions, Divorce and Support, Rentals, Laws of Custodians, Retrenchments according to Halacha, Permission to go to Civil Courts, Laws of Overcharging, Shiurim in Choshen Mishpat